About the Center

The University of California, San Francisco Medical Center has an international reputation for its excellence as a clinical and research facility and the UCSF Department of Neurology is widely recognized as one of the leading neuroscience centers in the United States.

The Parkinson's Disease Clinic and Research Center at the University of California, San Francisco Department of Neurology has been a Parkinson's Foundation Center of Excellence since 1992.

Mission Statement:

  • To provide comprehensive and compassionate care for patients and families affected by Parkinson's disease
  • To discover causes and effective treatments of Parkinson's disease
  • To educate general medical practitioners, patients, caregivers and the general public 

Events/In the News:

The following resources and events are provided by the Parkinson’s Foundation

Educational Event: Health Equity in Parkinson’s on Friday, December 3 from 10:00am-11:30am PT on zoom

Hear from experts Uzo Nwankpa and UCSF's Meredith Bock as they examine the concept of health equity, learn about differences in how people experience Parkinson’s, and discuss the role the Parkinson’s community can play towards health equity. If you’re not available at that time, you can still register and will be sent a recording afterward. Register at www.parkinson.org/bayarea to receive the zoom link.

Welcome to Parkinson's Foundation PD Conversations!  A place to ask your Parkinson’s questions, connect with others living with the disease and be part of a network of support.

When you join a discussion group, you’ll connect with other people who share your same interests, challenges and hopes. Our Helpline will be on hand to answer your Parkinson’s questions and support you along the way.


NEW! Parkinson’s Foundation Launches Virtual and Contactless Moving Day Events 

The Parkinson’s Foundation recently announced the 2021 Moving Day walk season will include both virtual and contactless events to welcome the entire Parkinson’s disease community across the country. Learn More

Parkinson's Foundation Patient Advisory Board Pilot Launch

The Foundation's Patient Engagement team launched the online training for the Parkinson's Foundation Patient Advisory Board pilot funded by a PCORI Eugene Washington Engagement Award. A total of 47 people with PD, care partners and COE staff from Johns Hopkins, University of Iowa, OHSU, Emory and Northwestern will complete a 4-week, 8 session training on patient engagement in research, comparative effectiveness research and how to run patient advisory boards. The training was designed in the online learning platform Thinkific with input from a person with PD, an expert in patient advisory boards from Brigham and Women's, as well as input from researchers at the University of Rochester, Rush, Thomas Jefferson, and University of Florida.

If you are interested in learning more information about this program, please contact Karlin Schroeder, Associate Vice President, Community Engagement, at [email protected]. 

University of Miami Miller School of Medicine Added to PD GENEration Research Study 

The Parkinson’s Foundation announced the University of Miami Miller School of Medicine as a new site for PD GENEration: Mapping the Future of Parkinson’s Disease. Learn More

Submission Call for Writing About Parkinson’s – Help Spread the Word!

Parkinson’s Poetry, co-created by Hal Sirowitz and Minter Krotzer, is developing new online anthology of writing about Parkinson's. They are looking for poems, short essays and short fiction about Parkinson’s Disease and living with or taking care of someone with Parkinson’s Disease. They are interested in all perspectives - the patient, caregiver, family, friends, the medical community, etc. Please visit www.parkinsonspoetry.org for more information about this project. 

Please help spread the word to your networks! Submissions can be sent to [email protected] by April 1st, 2021. Thank you to Joan Miravite, COE Coordinator at Mount Sinai Beth Israel, for informing us of this opportunity!


PD Health @ Home
  • Mindfulness Monday – Loving Kindness: Join us Feb. 1 for guided relaxation techniques to help boost brain power and reduce stress. Register Now.
  • Wellness Wednesday – Thinking Changes in Parkinson’s:Engaging the Social Worker: Join us Feb. 3 to learn the role a social worker can play in helping people with Parkinson’s and their families better understand and cope with the daily and ongoing challenges related to cognitive change. Register Now.
  • Fitness Friday: Follow PD-tailored fitness episodes from home, each one highlighting a new fitness focus. New videos go live every Friday!
More Opportunities to Engage
  • Veterans & PD – What You Need to Know: Learn about the resources and support services that veterans have access to through the VA and the Parkinson’s Foundation. Register Now.
  • Moving Day: This spring, move with us at one of our 31 contactless or online Moving Day events taking place across the country. Register Now.
  • Expert Briefings: These free, one-hour seminars give practical tips for managing PD from experts in the field. Register Now.
Honor Your #HeroAtHome

Care partners are the unwavering support system of the Parkinson's disease (PD) community. Help us honor care partners as part of National Family Caregivers Month and download our sign to show your loved one how much you appreciate all they do.

Article: ‘Undruggable’ Parkinson’s Molecule Spills Its Secrets

Become a Parkinson's Champion at Home


Put your favorite running route to use and run as a Parkinson’s Champion to raise funds and awareness for Parkinson’s. Complete a Champions @ Home virtual challenge — from a 5K to 26.2 miles — and track your mileage online and become eligible for prizes. Learn more

From the Parkinson's Foundation Blog

7 Taboo Parkinson’s Topics and How to Address Them

For many, it is embarrassing to bring up taboo topics with your doctor ― from sexual dysfunction to incontinence. However, when it comes to living with Parkinson’s disease (PD), sometimes these topics can be connected to the disease itself or side effects to PD medications. Learn More

COVID-19 and Parkinson’s Hospitalization Tips: Discussing Advanced Directives

There are many factors to consider when a trip to the hospital is necessary during the COVID-19 pandemic. One important suggestion we have heard from our Parkinson’s disease (PD) community is to make sure to update your Advanced Directives if you have not already. This blog post outlines the key tips for discussing advanced directives. Learn More

How to Openly Discuss Suicide and Parkinson’s

National Suicide Prevention Week took place September 6th to 12th. This year, we wanted to prepare people in our Parkinson’s disease (PD) community to not only address the subject but have an engaging conversation with a loved one who might be going through a tough time. Learn More

PD Conversations



 PD Conversations is the Parkinson's Foundation’s free online forum. Join a discussion group to connect with other people who share the same interest and challenges. The Foundation's helpline is on hand to answer Parkinson’s questions and provide support along the way.

Substantial Matters - PF Podcast


 The Parkinson's Foundation discusses the latest in PD research, exercise and treatments throughout their 80+ Substantial Matters podcast episodes. Subscribe now.

Parkinson's Foundation Helpline


 Parkinson's Foundation Helpline specialists answer calls about all aspects of PD, Monday-Friday from 9:00 am-8:00 pm Eastern Time (English and Spanish), or via email at [email protected]. Helpline specialists welcome calls from people with PD, their families, friends and health care providers.

New PF Book: Medications: A New Treatment Guide to Parkinson’s


In the same way Parkinson’s disease (PD) is unique from person to person, so is the combination of medications and dosages used to treat motor and non-motor symptoms. Learn all about the different types of PD medications and what’s in development in our new book. Thank you to our authors and reviewers, Rajesh Pahwa, M.D. and Steven Swank, PharmD, BCACP, from the Center of Excellence at the University of Kansas Medical Center.

COVID-19 Patient Information and Recommendations


General information and precautions related to COVID-19 can be found on the Foundation website here.

Resource for care partners of people with PD who are living in a senior living facility during COVID-19: Parkinson's Disease Care Partner Guide: When Your Loved One is in a Senior Living Facility

Principales Preguntas y Respuestas Sobre el COVID-19 el Parkinson with Adolfo Ramirez, MD, University of Florida: parkinson.org/espanol/coronavirus

PD GENEration Pilot Study



New PD GENEration Pilot Study Results: The Foundation recently announced the preliminary results of the PD GENEration pilot study, the first-of-its kind national initiative that offers free genetic testing of clinically relevant Parkinson’s-related genes and free genetic counseling to help participants better understand their results. The preliminary findings from the pilot study demonstrate the feasibility to conduct comprehensive genetic testing and genetic counseling for the larger Parkinson’s disease (PD) community, as well as the identification of rare genetic mutation carriers linked to PD. Learn more about these findings by reading the press release here.

COVID-19 Patient Information and Recommendation:  

General information and precautions related to COVID-19 can be found on the Foundation website here. 

Hospitalization Resources: 
  • The PF offers Aware in Care kits for PD patients who find themselves in the hospital.  If you don’t have an Aware in Care kit, you can order one here: http://www.parkinson.org/Store.
  • Infections can have an effect on Parkinson’s symptoms and especially in hospital settings, adherence to your Parkinson’s medication schedule is important. 
  • Patients are encouraged to update their Medication Form and place the form and several days of their current medications (in the original bottle) inside of their Aware in Care kit bag. ​
New Spanish Materials!

The Foundation has translated a few of their newly diagnosed resources in to Spanish to better reach people earlier with support and steps to take after a diagnosis (see below). Since many of the events scheduled for the spring are postponed, we wanted to let you know they have been now live online: https://www.parkinson.org/espanol/recursos-en-espanol.

La Fundación ha traducido algunos de nuestros recursos para recién diagnosticados con la enfermedad de Parkinson en español, para llegar a las personas de manera temprana con materiales de apoyo y pasos a seguir después de su diagnóstico (ver recursos abajo). Dado que muchos de los eventos programados para la primavera serán reprogramados, queríamos hacerle saber que han sido compartidos en línea y en vivo: https://www.parkinson.org/espanol/recursos-en-espanol. En nombre de la comunidad de Parkinson, gracias por su dedicación y trabajo!

Recién Diagnosticados:

·         Acerca de la enfermedad de Parkinson

·         5 pasos para vivir mejor con Parkinson a partir de hoy

·         Preguntos clave para su consulta médica

Available Resources: 

  As a reminder, the Foundation has a variety of resources available to support the PD community, including:



Recorded presentations from our 9th Annual Patient & Caregiver Symposium can be viewed on our YouTube link here: Video playlist


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