About the Center

The University of California, San Francisco Medical Center has an international reputation for its excellence as a clinical and research facility and the UCSF Department of Neurology is widely recognized as one of the leading neuroscience centers in the United States.

The Parkinson's Disease Clinic and Research Center at the University of California, San Francisco Department of Neurology has been a Parkinson's Foundation Center of Excellence since 1992.

Mission Statement:

  • To provide comprehensive and compassionate care for patients and families affected by Parkinson's disease
  • To discover causes and effective treatments of Parkinson's disease
  • To educate general medical practitioners, patients, caregivers and the general public 

Events/In the News

PD Health @Home

The Parkinson’s Foundation is launching PD Health @Home, a series of virtual community engagement events beginning Monday, April 6th. Visit Parkinson.org/PDHealth for a full list of events. You can register for events of interest and put them on your calendar. Please join us for the following:

Mindfulness Mondays

  • Start your week with calmness, as you take part in guided relaxation techniques to help boost brain power and reduce stress. Sign up now.

Expert Briefings Tuesdays

  • Taking place in home offices across the nation, we will host webinars about the PD topics that matter most to you.  Sign up now.

Wellness Wednesdays

Take Time Thursdays

  • Choose from several virtual events taking place across local chapters. Engage with a PD expert on the topics that matter most to you ― from exercise, nutrition, stress management and more.  Sign up now!

Fitness Fridays

  • A free, PD-tailored 10-part fitness series with instructor Joellyn Fox, DPT, from the Dan Aaron Parkinson’s Rehab Center, Penn Therapy & Fitness at Pennsylvania Hospital will feature a new focus every week, from balance to coordination, posture and more. Videos will be released weekly, beginning Friday, April 10th through June 12th.  Watch now!

Moving Day

All spring Moving Day walks are going virtual on May 9th. For more information or to join us, please visit www.movingdaywalk.org.

COVID-19 Patient Information and Recommendation:  

General information and precautions related to COVID-19 can be found on the Foundation website here. 

Hospitalization Resources:

  • The PF offers Aware in Care kits for PD patients who find themselves in the hospital.  If you don’t have an Aware in Care kit, you can order one here: http://www.parkinson.org/Store.
  • Infections can have an effect on Parkinson’s symptoms and especially in hospital settings, adherence to your Parkinson’s medication schedule is important. 
  • Patients are encouraged to update their Medication Form and place the form and several days of their current medications (in the original bottle) inside of their Aware in Care kit bag. 

New Spanish Materials!

The Foundation has translated a few of their newly diagnosed resources in to Spanish to better reach people earlier with support and steps to take after a diagnosis (see below). Since many of the events scheduled for the spring are postponed, we wanted to let you know they have been now live online: https://www.parkinson.org/espanol/recursos-en-espanol.

La Fundación ha traducido algunos de nuestros recursos para recién diagnosticados con la enfermedad de Parkinson en español, para llegar a las personas de manera temprana con materiales de apoyo y pasos a seguir después de su diagnóstico (ver recursos abajo). Dado que muchos de los eventos programados para la primavera serán reprogramados, queríamos hacerle saber que han sido compartidos en línea y en vivo: https://www.parkinson.org/espanol/recursos-en-espanol. En nombre de la comunidad de Parkinson, gracias por su dedicación y trabajo!

Recién Diagnosticados:

·         Acerca de la enfermedad de Parkinson

·         5 pasos para vivir mejor con Parkinson a partir de hoy

·         Preguntos clave para su consulta médica

Available Resources:  As a reminder, the Foundation has a variety of resources available to support the PD community, including:


Article: ‘Undruggable’ Parkinson’s Molecule Spills Its Secrets

February 22, 2020- Better Lives, Together: Fresno Parkinson's Summit


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Details and registration can be found here: Parkinson's Foundation

March 17, 2020- Online: Food, Water, and Supplements: Does Nutrition Play a Role in PD Symptoms or Progression?


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This talk will describe the diets that are associated with increased/ decreased risk of developing PD and emerging evidence that nutrition plays a role after diagnosis. The potential risks/ benefits of popular diets (ketogenic, low-carb, Mediterranean, Wahl’s, etc.) will be reviewed and obstacles to eating (loss of smell, lack of appetite, constipation, etc.) will addressed and convenient, cost-effective, healthy dietary suggestions will be provided. Calorie restriction, intermittent fasting, and the role of dietary supplements will be discussed. 

Details and registration can be found here: Parkinson's Foundation

March 28, 2020- Let's Talk About It: Symptoms Beneath the Surface


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There are many non-motor challenges associated with Parkinson’s disease that can affect not only the person with Parkinson’s, but also their care partners, families and friends. This program will provide participants with information on topics that are not always easy to discuss. From intimacy to impulse control disorders and constipation, this program will address the realities of these difficult topics and provide strategies and tools for coping as well as talking about them with healthcare providers and loved ones. 

Details and registration can be found here: Parkinson's Foundation

April 14, 2020- Online: PD and Medication: What's New?


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The lecture will review advances in Parkinson's disease treatments. In addition, the lecturer will go over the pathology behind Parkinson's, describe Parkinson's as a motor and non-motor disease, review classes of medical and surgical treatments, and overview how research is trying to tartget the underlying pathology. 

Details and registration can be found here: Parkinson's Foundation

EVENT COMPLETE: Online: Optimal Exercise Strategies for Stability, Stamina, and Strength

January 21, 2020- Online: Optimal Exercise Strategies for Stability, Stamina, and Strength


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This briefing has been created to provide education on the impact of Parkinson’s disease on stamina, stability and strength  in order to motivate individuals to exercise. There will be discussion on the impact which Parkinson’s disease has on strength , endurance and balance as well as the evidence which supports specific exercise to improve each domain.   This knowledge then needs to be put in action. We will discuss motivators to exercise and how to get started and stay in the fight against Parkinson’s disease through activity and exercise.

Details and registration can be found here: Parkinson's Foundation

EVENT COMPLETE: The Care Partners Toolbox: Rescources for Now and the Future

December 7, 2019- The Care Partners Toolbox: Resources for Now and the Future


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This program is designed with care partners in mind, and is recommended for anyone caring for someone living with PD, including family members and care professionals. Respite care for people with Parkinson’s is available onsite at no cost. 

Details and registration can be found here: Parkinson's Foundation

EVENT COMPLETE: Mind, Mood, and Motion

November 23, 2019- Mind, Mood, and Motion


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Join us for the "Mind, Mood, and Motion" program to learn more about possible changes in cognition and memory associated with PD. This program teaches attendees what can be done to alleviate some of the effects of these symptoms. 

Details and registration can be found here: Parkinson's Foundation

EVENT COMPLETE: Women and Parkinson's disease

October 19, 2019- Women and Parkinson's disease 

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Women with Parkinson's and their caregivers are welcome to attend this day of education and support. Women experience PD differently than men. Join us to learn more!

Details and registration can be found here: Parkinson's Foundation

EVENT COMPLETE: Moving Day® San Jose 2019

June 1, 2019- Moving Day® San Jose



Mark your calendars for the PF's Moving Day® event, a walk for Parkinson’s. Moving Day® is a movement for change—towards more awareness, more funding, and more understanding of a disease that affects so many of our family and friends. Participants include Parkinson’s patients, caregivers, families, friends, healthcare professionals, corporate leaders and teams who will join together to raise funds to support patient care and research initiatives to beat Parkinson’s.  

Join Us!!

More info can be found here: Moving Day website 

EVENT COMPLETE: Moving Day® San Francisco 2019

May 5, 2019- Moving Day® San Francisco