Clinic Appointments

To Make an Appointment

If you would like to schedule an appointment with a physician at UCSF's Movement Disorders, please fax the following information to us at (415) 353-2898.

  • A referral letter or note from your personal physician. Please ensure that the referral is legible, and your diagnosis is as specific as possible.
  • All pertinent and recent clinical notes, lab and test results. Please do not send in any films or CDs. Always keep the originals with you.
  • Copy of insurance (front and back). The UCSF Movement Disorders Center accepts most insurance plans, including PPOs, HMOs, Medi-Cal, Medicare, TriCARE, and TriWest. You may be required to pay a "co-pay." Some insurance programs will not cover the full amount of your visit, and you will be responsible for the remainder of the balance. You should call your healthcare insurance company to confirm eligibility, benefits and co-pay/deductible requirements.
  • Copy of authorization from insurance (if required by your insurance), to be seen by our physicians.
  • Your contact information.

Alternatively, you may call the UCSF Movement Disorders Center directly at (415) 353-2273 to speak with one of our schedulers.

What to Bring

In order to expedite your check-in time and to provide your physician with all necessary information to properly diagnose and to treat you, the following list is provided to help you remember what you should bring with you to your appointment:

  1. A Completed Neurology - New Patient Profile questionnaire form
  2. Insurance cards and, if required, an authorization form
  3. All pertinent and recent clinical notes, lab and test results, and radiological images
  4. List of current medication, dosage, and frequency

What to Expect

Please arrive at your scheduled appointment time or earlier. This will ensure that you have the maximum amount of time to visit with your physician.

When you arrive at the clinic, please check in at the front desk. The staff will assist in processing your paperwork, and will alert your physician of your arrival. You will be scheduled to meet with one physician who will detail your medical history and will perform a complete neurological examination. New patient visits are typically allotted approximately one hour per visit, although this may be tailored depending on the complexity of your medical history. Family members are encouraged to attend the visit.

At the end of your visit, your physician will tell you their opinion and will educate you about your particular condition. If further testing is necessary, he or she will outline a plan and will schedule a follow-up visit to review the results. If treatment is warranted, your physician will present the options and discuss the details with you. If you have questions, please do not hesitate to ask during and at the end of the visit.

After your visit, if you have forgotten any information or have more questions, you may contact the UCSF Movement Disorders at (415) 353-2273. When you call, be sure to reference the physician with whom you visited.