Genetics of Parkinson's disease: PROGENI

Study Title:

Parkinson’s Research: The Organized Genetics Initiative (PROGENI)


The purpose of this study was to determine the location of “susceptibility” genes for Parkinson’s disease using co-affected siblings, microsatellite markers and linkage analysis.  The trial involved a collaboration of several other investigators and sites organized as the Parkinson Study Group.

Patients with Parkinson's disease were recruited who have a living sibling with Parkinson's disease who is also able to participate. Blood samples were collected from subjects for DNA testing and genetic research. 

Genetic analyses have been conducted to further document the role of parkin mutations in Parkinson’s disease etiology, particularly among those with later age of disease onset. In addition, several chromosomal regions have been identified with promising linkage results in the study of multiplex families.

Several articles have been published based on findings from this study, including: 



*Full article available for free on pubmed. Follow link above.